Postal Service Tentative Agreement

The Postal Service Tentative Agreement: What You Need to Know

The United States Postal Service (USPS) and the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) have reached a tentative agreement, pending ratification by union members. The agreement covers a variety of topics, from pay increases to job security to operational changes.

So what exactly does the agreement entail? Here are the key points:

Pay Increases

The agreement calls for three general wage increases for NALC-represented employees over the life of the contract. The first increase, a 1.3% raise, would take effect in November 2022. The second increase, also 1.3%, would take effect in November 2023. The final increase, 1.2%, would take effect in November 2024. In addition, career employees would receive two additional cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) over the course of the contract.

Job Security

The agreement includes provisions aimed at protecting jobs and preventing layoffs. For example, the USPS pledges not to lay off any career employees during the life of the contract. The agreement also establishes a new process for dealing with excessing (when an employee`s position is abolished or relocated), allowing employees to choose between several different options for retaining their jobs.

Operational Changes

The agreement includes language aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of USPS operations. For example, it establishes a new process for handling mail that is “undeliverable as addressed” (UAA), which should reduce the amount of UAA mail that has to be forwarded or returned to sender. It also allows the USPS to use more part-time flexible employees (PTFs) in order to better match staffing levels with workloads.

Other Provisions

The agreement also includes a number of other provisions, such as:

- Changes to the grievance procedure, including a shorter timeline for resolving disputes

- Improvements to the health care plan, particularly for non-career employees

- Changes to the way that annual leave is scheduled and approved

What Happens Next?

The tentative agreement now goes to a vote of NALC members, who will decide whether to ratify the contract. If the contract is ratified, it will take effect retroactively to September 21, 2019, and remain in effect until September 20, 2023. The USPS and other postal unions are still negotiating their own contracts, so there may be additional changes to come.

Overall, the tentative agreement between the USPS and NALC represents an important step forward for postal employees and for the USPS itself. By addressing issues such as pay, job security, and operational efficiency, the agreement should help the USPS to continue serving the American public well into the future.